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Doudy Draw TSA

Doudy Draw Trail & Eldorado Mountain
Doudy Draw Trail & Eldorado Mountain

Eldorado Mountain – Doudy Draw TSA
This TSA proved considerably more contentious than Marshall Mesa. Of greatest concern was the decision to build three new trails and to expand the permissible types of uses of existing and new trails.

The higher elevation portions of this TSA, designated the Eldorado Mountain Habitat Conservation Area, contain large expanses of unusually high quality habitat, including forested areas with very old Ponderosa Pine, riparian areas supported by creeks coming out of the foothills, plateaus with unique plant communities, and open meadows with high quality native grasses. Wildlife is especially diverse and abundant.

A new trail, called the Goshawk trail, will be constructed in the HCA for use by hikers and equestrians. Another permanent trail will be constructed to provide access for climbers to the Mickey Mouse Ears.

Two new trails will be constructed in the adjacent lower elevation area, originally proposed to be included in the habitat conservation area. Dogs, previously prohibited in this area because of its high wildlife values, will be allowed on one of the new trails. Mountain biking, not previously allowed on trails west of Highway 93 will now be allowed on these and all other trails in the area (except Goshawk). As proposed, these trails will badly fragment the habitat in this area.

OSMP decisions to explicitly promote recreational uses at the expense of remaining ecological values in the Eldorado Mountain / Doudy Draw TSA prompted the formation of FOBOS.