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West TSA

OSMP is in the last phases of the process of planning for the entire Boulder mountain backdrop (all OSMP properties west of Broadway, between Linden Drive on the north and Eldorado Springs Drive on the south). The public process for this trail study area has been different from past TSAs—for the West TSA a citizens’ panel (the Community Collaboration Group, or CCG) was created, comprising representatives from various groups interested in the area, including 5 representatives of various recreation interests, 5 conservation representatives, 3 “neighborhood” representatives, and a few others. The actual representatives were elected by caucuses at a public meeting held in September 2009. Two of the conservation representatives were FOBOS board members, and the second conservation alternate was FOBOS Chair Linda Jourgensen. The CCG was directed to operate under consensus rules (any recommendations had to be unanimous) to produce a set of recommendations to the OSMP department and the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT).

The CCG has now submitted its recommendations, and these have been accepted unanimously by the Open Space Board of Trustees (1/19/2011). OSMP now is tasked with drafting a complete plan, which must include the CCG recommendations, a number of detailed recommendations that were not considered by the CCG, and some non-consensus items, most notably the issue of whether mountain bikes should be allowed. OSMP’s draft plan is due to be made public on February 1. OSBT is due to consider this plan and act on it on February 9th and 10th. OSMP will then make any changes mandated by the board and the final plan will be acted on by OSBT on February 23.

FOBOS members will be notified by email of important dates and issues, and a newsletter will be sent out following the OSMP draft plan on February 1. After a lengthy two-year process, the final plan will be revealed and acted upon in a very short period.

FOBOS’s positions on the CCG recommendations and on the bicycle issue are detailed in the package submitted to OSBT on 1-17-2011. We welcome comments from members on this position. Feel free to email us at inquiry@friendsofboulderopenspace.org or to any of the board members at their individual emails.

West TSA map
West TSA map

adobe_pdfWest TSA overview

adobe_pdfA consultant has produced a natural resources inventory report.

adobe_pdfFull size West TSA Basemap

adobe_pdfStaff is proposing use of “Targets, Attributes, and Indicators” for developing its plans to manage the area’s natural, cultural, and recreational resources.